The University of Central Arkansas recently decided to transition from OrgSync to a new platform called CubConnect.

OrgSync was an online student engagement platform for the management of student organizations, campus events, and activities. OrgSync merged with Campus Labs, the software that created the platform known as Engage. During the transition, UCA’s student organization staff was able to personalize Engage, which, with student leadership feedback, created CubConnect.

Campus Labs’ website states that their platform “offers integrated software and cloud-based assessment tools for higher education.”

According to the website, “The corporate mission is more focused than ever on empowering and transforming colleges and universities through strategic data insights. And the kind of creative energy that fueled the company's initial success is still felt – and shared across all teams.” 

CubConnect is an easier way to get involved with recognized student organizations, search for events, organizations, or volunteer opportunities, as well as vote for Student Government Association nominees during elections. CubConnect also has a news section that provides UCA students with alerts for scholarships, volunteer opportunities, and notifications.

Kaylon Bradford, who is the Director of Student Life at UCA said the new system took familiar OrgSync features and just enhanced them so students could have an easier and better experience when trying to get involved on campus. 

“CubConnect will offer new technology, like mobile check-in at student organization events, campus-wide elections, and financial management features for RSOs,” Bradford said. “Additionally, students will have a better experience logging involvement hours and connecting to service-learning projects and co-curricular opportunities.”

Bradford also said that the change was necessary because of a direct correlation between student involvement,  retention, and graduation rates, so CubConnect is intended to streamline involvement and engagement for UCA students.

A Gallup-Purdue survey that was completed in 2015 supports what Bradford said and the survey shows that more student involvement often leads to more success and an overall higher level of well-being after graduation.

One document by the National Survey of Student Engagement states that “a large body of research on student learning has concluded that students who are actively involved in academic and co-curricular activities gain more from their college experience than those who are less involved. Studies have shown that above and beyond pre-college factors, student engagement provides incremental effects on student learning outcomes and school persistence.”

To sign up for CubConnect, go to, and for information about CubConnect, contact Kaylon Bradford at, or Hailey Canada, the Coordinator of Student Organizations and University Events, at

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