Despite the rise of news deserts and what seems to be a bleak future for the profession of journalism, senior and Pine Bluff native Tristen Hall is still determined to reach her dreams of becoming a broadcast journalist.

From an early age, Hall was drawn to the camera, “I’ve always had an interest in television and cameras since I was a little girl. I would record my family and do short documentaries on my life,” Hall said.

During grade school, Hall was fortunate to have a school that had classes to teach her more about her childhood hobby, “My high school in Nashville, TN cultivated my interest in broadcast because we had an Audio/Visual Production pathway. In the pathway, we learned how to film and edit with the latest technologies. They wanted us to have the skillset and toolbox to produce valuable content after highschool even if we chose not to go into traditional routes like college,” Hall said.

Anyone who has ever tuned into UCA News6 is familiar with Hall’s work as broadcast journalist for the school. Working at News6 has produced some of Hall’s fondest college experiences, “My favorite part about broadcast journalism is when I produce a show for News 6. It’s fast-paced work but also fun. I love to take all the individual parts that the crew provides and put it together. It’s truly a rewarding experience and it’s something that I’ll miss when I graduate in May,” Hall said.

In addition to working for News6, Hall has also had the chance of working for Arkansas PBS. Arkansas PBS being located next to UCA is one of the reasons why Hall transferred to UCA from UABP.

In her first semester interning with PBS, Hall learned about the profession when she had the opportunity of covering the historic 2020 election, “With this being election year, I got to see the convergence and a clearer picture of media production, journalism, and politics. A project I’ve worked on was a digital campaign that documented first-time voters’ experiences. Also, I helped with the congressional debates that were filmed in-studio. It was illuminating to see how it was coordinated from beginning to end,” Hall said.

Before study abroad programs had to come back to the states for safety measures, Hall was taking classes Edge Hill University in Ormskirk, United Kingdom.

After graduating in spring 2021, Hall hopes she is able to return to the United Kingdowm to further her studies, “I have somuch anxiety thinking about life after college. These 4 years have gone by quickly. Currently, I plan on returning back to the United Kingdom next September to enroll in a postgraduate program at Edge Hill University. That’s my plan A, B, and C. After that, I plan on capitalizing on the windows of opportunity that present themself. I’m hopeful for a fulfilling future,” Hall said.

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