People of UCA: Temple WHite

Sophomore Temple White is highly involved in campus extracurricular activities as an executive for the Ebony Models and a member of the Theta Mu chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. Temple is a biology and pre-med major and plans to become an OB-GYN.

Photo by Taylor Sone


“Half of her beauty is her brain.” This is a quote that sophomore Temple White has always used to describe herself.

Born in Memphis, Tennessee to Renee and Jerrick White, White always knew she was destined to be something great. Growing up as the middle child between two brothers — Jerrick, 25, and Jarren, 15 — White took a liking to ballet, so she began dancing for the Jennifer and Co. Dance Academy at the age of 8 and continued until she was 12. Her favorite memory was going to the recitals and performing in front of the smiling crowd.

White’s life hit a rough patch when she was a freshman in high school and her best friend committed suicide.

“That was something that always affected me in life, letting me know that my voice matters, and that there is always someone to talk to about whatever issue I have,” White said.

With both of her parents being UCA alumni, from the age of 14 White knew she would attend UCA.

“UCA was just one of those schools I knew would always be there,” White said.

White graduated Summa Cum Laude from her high school and her next stop was UCA.  

Arriving on campus as a freshman in fall 2017, White joined several organizations on campus where she has maintained active involvement. She is an Ambassador and the Treasure and Vice President of Ebony Models. White is also a member of the Theta Mu Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, pledging in fall 2018.

Along with her involvement on campus, White holds an on-campus job position with the Chemistry Department.

“My first paycheck was $6,” White said.

White is a biology pre-med major with dreams of going to medical school and becoming an OB-GYN. White expressed how she always wanted to be present in one of the most amazing yet intense moments in a woman’s life.

“Just the thought of being there when I hand the woman one of her most prized possessions excites me for the future,” White said.

White enjoys spending her free time listening to her favorite singers — including Miguel and Summer Walker, watching natural hair care videos, hanging with her friends and eating Chinese food.

One of White’s biggest challenges has been time management, especially with having to juggle campus involvement and grades, along with the added stress of sorority involvement. Although White has to balance multiple responsibilities, she sets high standards for herself.

“When I have standards and I don’t meet them, I try not to be as hard on myself,” White said.

Following her 2021 graduation, White plans to move to Houston, Texas to start her very own family, which she said will consist of a husband, two children and a blue pit-bull named Prince.

But for now, White will continue to strive to be a better version of herself than she was yesterday. She has high hopes for the upcoming fall semester, and although she doesn’t anticipate any drastic changes, she plans to keep an open mind for all new possibilities that could enter her life.


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