Many students struggle to choose which major to stick with during their undergrad experience. However, for senior Brittany Cresswell, her ambitions have been clear from the beginning. 

Cresswell arrived at UCA in the fall of 2018 with a declared major in Marketing.

“I knew for years before high school graduation what I wanted to major in,” Cresswell said. “I chose Marketing as my major because I would love to be doing something related to advertising design post-college.”

For Cresswell, the greater struggle came with choosing which university she planned to attend. Cresswell got accepted to several universities in her search after high school, but she ultimately decided on UCA to pursue her marketing endeavors. 

“I started working at 16 to save up for college, so the scholarship opportunities that came with attending UCA were really important to me and ended up being one of the largest deciding factors in where I went,” Cresswell said. “I didn't really know what the university had to offer or how much I would like it here, but if I had to decide again, I would definitely choose UCA each time.”

Experiencing college during a pandemic was an experience that took Cresswell, and everyone else, by surprise.

“I definitely gained an ability to adapt in the years that I have been at UCA. We were all learning to adapt as COVID plagued the world, but in the end, it taught me to teach myself new skills that I might not have before the pandemic,” Cresswell said. 

As UCA students and staff were forced to adapt to college success mid-pandemic, Cresswell´s experience with her department never waivered. 

“In the College of Business, the environment is always really comfortable and the staff is always looking to help us be as successful as possible, even during COVID, which has been a hard time for everyone.”

“The College of Business is a really open, clean space, and I've met so many new people just in that building,” Cresswell said, adding, “also, in my personal opinion, it has the best bathrooms on campus,” before laughing. 

Aside from her academic drive, Cresswell carries passions for many hobbies in her personal life. 

“I really like to be outside in the sun. I love yoga, camping, art, being active, gardening and really anything new,” she said. “It’s been really easy to find ways to do these on campus. If I had to give one piece of advice to an incoming freshman, I would tell them to take advantage of the activities on campus. With everything going on, it can be hard to realize how much opportunity you have and what is really available to you. Ask around, look online and try to get out and get involved where you can.”

Cresswell has aimed to embrace many of the activities on campus that allow students to exercise their favorite hobbies and eliminate some of the stress that can come with academic responsibilities.

“My favorite on-campus activity has always been the HPER group classes. The classes themselves are always very fun, but it’s also a good way to get your friends involved or meet new people,” Cresswell said.

“The comedy shows and outdoor events are also always a good time, and again, a great way to meet people, as it can be hard to always make your friends inside the classroom environment.”

The university has been an environment where Cresswell has been free to accomplish the goals she has in mind while continuing to embrace the hobbies that make life a little more enjoyable each day.

“Although UCA has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for me, the pandemic has definitely caused me to reevaluate the life I want to live, and my future plans have changed drastically. I’d love to return to UCA after completing my undergraduate program to get my master’s degree,” Cresswell said. “I had originally planned on doing that directly after graduating, but the new goal is to do freelance design work while I travel the world with my best friend. We plan on bouncing around a few countries post-graduation.”

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