People of UCA - Kaleb Posey

Graduate student Kaleb Posey stands inside of the College of Business on Feb. 8. Kaleb plans to continue his education at UCA and earn his Masters in Business Administration.

photo by Rafael Soliz II

Graduate student Kaleb Posey grew up in Posey Hollow, Arkansas, about six miles down a winding dirt road that slices through the Ouachita National Forest. Posey grew up in a family of four, including his little sister, mother and father. He has known since he was in grade school that he had a love for technology.

Posey grew up on a farm, where he learned the value of hard work and responsibility.

“Working on a farm solidified my desire to go to college, but it also afforded me with an opportunity that many students don’t have: the opportunity to learn life skills beyond that of the average education,” Posey said.

He learned the value of a dollar very quickly during his childhood, and he continues to take pride in his work ethic.

Posey became interested in technology in the second grade when his great-grandparents gave him their old desktop computer. He used the desktop for about three years, then bought his first laptop in fifth grade with his own hard-earned money.

“I would spend the weekends mowing yards, picking up rocks on our farm, bush hogging and baling hay to earn enough money to buy a computer that I could really start to utilize past what I had learned already. I love learning. To me it was an investment in my future,” Posey said.

When he entered high school, Posey became involved in a plethora of campus activities, including leadership roles within Future Business Leaders of America, student council and varsity basketball. Posey took his first tour of the UCA campus in his freshman year of high school and decided then and there that he wanted to pursue a degree in Management of Information Systems at the UCA College of Business.

He accumulated a 4.16 GPA in high school and focused on increasing his involvement within the community to help strengthen his chances of receiving the scholarships necessary to attend a four-year institution.

After his arrival at UCA, Posey strived to pursue more than just a degree. He served as chair of the UCA Student and Residential Life Judicial Board, and held membership in the American Marketing Association and Beta Gamma Sigma. He also spent time volunteering in the community and helping canvas for political campaigns.

“One of the most important things a person can do in their life is to become involved in their community; to give back, and focus on something greater than themselves,” Posey said.

Posey graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Science in MIS in Fall 2018, and is currently working on his Masters of Business Administration. He completed various projects such as restructuring the Networking I course for implementation at UCA and submitting a proposal to the dean of the College of Business to redesign the College of Business lobby.

“The people that I have met at UCA, along with the projects and organizations that I have been a part of, have shaped my education and provided me with a much greater value than a simple diploma. College is what you make it, and I’m proud to call myself a UCA alumnus.” Posey said. “Go Bears!”


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