People of UCA: Nykendrik "Nyk" Mask

Nykendrik "Nyk" Mask and his dog, Sprite, rock blue attire in front of the College of Business. Mask is a marketing major and a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated.

Raised in a town with less than 50 people and being the oldest of five, Nykendrik "Nyk" Mask is always thinking of ways to leave his mark wherever he goes. 

Garland City is a town with nothing but woods, dirt, and a block with houses. Mask said all the houses are right beside each other and mostly everyone is related. 

“When I moved to Texarkana and would meet people at school from Garland, we’d call each other cousins, because most likely we were related,” Mask said. 

Being a military kid at a young age caused him and his siblings to have to move to different places. Mask has lived in Garland, Texarkana, Oklahoma and now Conway. 

If he had to describe himself in three words, they would be goofy, fun, and careless. His hobbies include singing, dancing, and working. His favorite artists are Nicki Minaj and Arianna Grande. His favorite color is green, but now includes blue since he has become a Sigma. 

Mask said he was always the quiet kid throughout grade school, but wanted to find himself in college. He maintained a job while in high school, but felt he had not yet really found himself. 

Mask began his college journey at Arkansas Tech University, but soon realized that it wasn’t the school for him. He transferred to UCA his sophomore year. His first year attending UCA was fall 2018. 

As a marketing major, Mask plans to get into artistic development, so he can help artists with their record labels and managing their careers. 

Mask was also a part of Dancers United his first year at UCA. Although he didn’t have much rhythm, he said he enjoyed being a part of a group where he could finally be himself and have fun at the same time. 

As a member of DU, he got to do the opening dance at a Greek show but planned to become a member of a fraternity, so he could actually be a part of the Greek show. 

Mask spent his 2019 fall semester preparing to go Greek. At his probate, he was the only guy to get initiated. The entire show was about him. He finally got his chance to stand out, because everyone was there for him.

Now that Mask is Greek, he is finally finding himself and doing what he has always wanted to do. 

“I wanted to become Greek because I wanted the bond and a brotherhood. I love seeing the service they do on and off campus. There are also a lot of benefits that come with it, such as networking and stuff like that,” Mask said. 

Mask said he still doesn’t have a lot of rhythm. 

“Some of the strolls are hard to memorize, but I will start ‘Sigma Walking’ wherever there’s a show,” Mask said. 

While in college, Mask has learned that “you can never plan to go off of one plan because things might not always go the way you planned them to the first time.”

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