One word to describe UCA sophomore and Conway native Jéquan Carter is versatility. Carter is multi-faceted with a broad range of interests. Among these interests are a budding music career, a successful resale clothing business, attending rodeos and being an active member of Sigma Phi Epsilon.

Carter, better known as Jrako on Spotify and Apple Music, is inspired by artists such as Chief Keef, Travis Scott, Nickleback and Twenty-One Pilots, but he claims no genre.

“I can’t really explain [my music] because it’s so versatile,” said Carter.

He first pursued his music career as a joke. His first released song was called “Ride it Up,” and it talked about horses and good times with friends. A little joke turned out to be a potential future for Carter.

He returned to the studio and made his second released song “VYBES.”

“It kind of set the mood like I could really take this seriously,” said Carter.

However, the demands of school made pursuing a career in music difficult. Carter took a year off, but came back this past summer with another track, “FTH.”

His most recent project, “Moonlight,” was accompanied by a music video and a spot on Spotify’s “Release Radar” playlist upon its release on Jan. 29. Fellow UCA students, Adam Harding and Stuart Lowe, collaborated on this project with Carter.

“We are all up and coming with something, so that is what made the project so much more authentic and interesting because we’re not paying any money for this,” said Carter. “We are just doing this off of our own creativity and thinking.”

After making “Moonlight,” Carter got his second wind of inspiration and hope. “Music could be my new life,” said Carter.

With this newfound hope, Carter is diligently working on his first EP called “Welcome to Jrako’s World.” The EP is expected to be released in summer 2021.

In efforts to be a pioneer of pop culture through his music, he also has his hands in fashion. “Friday at 7” is Carter’s resale clothing business; the name is on the nose because he sells his clothes every Friday at 7 p.m.

For supplies, Carter travels from Cabot to Conway to Little Rock to find the perfect clothes for his customers at second hand stores and flea markets. “I’m not going to lie, it’s hard. Going to a flea market is like digging for gold,” said Carter.

Carter doesn’t do this so much for the profit; rather, he wants to provide a resource for people to buy quality items. “It’s less of a business, and more that I want to give people an opportunity to be able to dress how I dress, because I’m trying to bring back a style, and not have to pay $80-90 for some vintage clothing,” said Carter.

Additionally, Carter participated in rodeos as a hazer for his sister. His job in the rodeo is to make sure the steer stays in place while his sister barrel races. However, the season collided with the school year, so Carter said, “I chose school over rodeo.”

Finally, Carter is a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon. He joined due to its welcoming environment. “It felt like home when I joined. I felt like I’d been here before, when in reality I hadn’t,” said Carter.

Although he has his endeavors pulling him in every direction, Carter remains appreciative of the life he lives. “I always thank the universe for allowing me to be able to walk another day,” said Carter.

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