People of UCA: Haley Savell

Sophomore Haley Savell is a nursing major at UCA. She plans to become an RN after graduating.

Sophomore Haley Savell has spent her time before and at UCA working hard to get ahead. Savell is an  ambitious person who likes to work and stay ahead, in all aspects of life. Savell is a junior by credit hours in her sophomore year of college. 

Savell moved to UCA in the fall of 2018 to pursue a degree in nursing. Since then, she has established many friendships and connections here in Conway. Her favorite thing to do in the city, besides eating with friends, is going bowling.

“Honestly going out to eat with friends is probably my favorite,” Savell said.

 Even though Conway has a large selection of restaurants, her favorite is Texas Roadhouse back in Texarkana, Texas. 

Haley’s favorite part of going to UCA is that everything is at a walking distance. 

“I like how everything is so close together, it’s easy to walk to classes and the campus is beautiful.” 

After college, Haley plans on getting a job for a while at a hospital as a registered nurse. Soon after, though, she plans on marrying her boyfriend, Zack, and moving around with him while he is in the military.

Zack is a sophomore in the Corps at Texas A&M in College Station, Texas. Haley is very excited to graduate from college, as she and her boyfriend are currently in a long distance relationship.

“If we weren’t in it to win it we wouldn’t be doing this,” Savell said.

While at Fouke High School, Savell  was involved in many extra curriculars that shaped her into the person she is today. . She was a part of a band for three years, art classes for four years, and cheered for the majority of her high school career. . 

Haley is particularly fascinated with cooking,  especially baking and likes to watch different cooking shows. She is also an avid reader, with her favorite novel being “Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief.” 

“I first read it in fifth grade. A lot of books are from a woman’s point of view so it was good to see it from a boy’s point of view,” Savell said. “The romance is also very subtle and it’s not the main point. The way it’s written is just perfect.”

Some of her lesser known hobbies are activities such as solitaire, and knitting, which she recently picked up. She is about to finish her first plush blanket.

“I don’t want people to think I’m an old lady,” Savell said.

She is a self proclaimed avid  Netflix watcher, and her favorite shows include the Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. Savell also loves pop music, especially Harry Styles’ song “Falling.”

Savell is also known for her Dr. Pepper addiction. She has multiple a day, and does not go a day without drinking one. Savell can be seen around campus with a Dr. Pepper in hand. 

“I get one everyday,” Savell said.

If she could give any advice to incoming freshmen at UCA, it would be to learn as much as possible and try to keep grades as high as possible.

“Basically, [freshmen] do not know much. It’s hard to find out how to study, so you need to talk to upperclassmen,” Savell said. “If you’re trying to get into a program, especially your first semester, I would suggest giving it your all and trying your hardest from the very beginning to keep your GPA up. Even all the stuff you don’t think you have to do like extra credit, do it. Keep your grades up.”

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