Campus shows concern for environment

Assistant professor of writing Cristine Busser poses with the banner she helped to erect during the UCA Climate Strike on Sept. 20. Busser took an active role in organizing and promoting the event because she felt it is important for students to have an outlet to voice concerns over the condition of the planet. (photo by Marley Cash-Powell)


UCA students and faculty gathered to participate in the Global Climate Strike Sept. 20 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“Climate change is not a lie, do not let our planet die,” attendees said in a chant that echoed through the crowd of people gathered in front of the Student Center.

With multiple booths set up on the patio, passersby got to experience a climate strike

first-hand. Attendees were able to discuss climate change with one another, as well as learn from hosts who presented ideas and useful information to students interested in learning about

the climate crisis. The event included sign painting, button making, a UCA climate solution

board and Campus Conservation Corps. There was even an open mic for anyone who wanted to voice their opinion.

Treci Buchanan, a representative of Conway EcoFest, attended the event to help bring a better understanding and an environmentally-focused viewpoint to the climate strike. “[Conway EcoFest is] a non-profit organization for environmental education,” Buchanan said. “That’s why we’re here today. Anything to do with environmental stewardship, we try to attend. We typically have a festival every October at Laurel Park. We bring together everybody that is working toward sustainability and put them in one place and show people what is already here and how it really can connect with us every day.”

The climate strike was organized by a number of faculty members as well as two community organizations.

Jennie Case, assistant professor of creative writing at UCA, had a large role in the organization of the event and wanted to give students around campus a voice and an opportunity to show their support of the strike.

“Our goal was to give UCA students a chance to be a part of the global climate strikes — which are occuring around the world today,” Case said. “We want to offer a place on campus where students can feel empowered to speak out about climate change and encourage our leaders both at UCA and in the community to act on it.”

Case also explained that climate change will have a massive impact on the world for generations and it may even have an impact on our generation if we don’t act fast.

“I think climate change is going to be the challenge of all of our generations,” Case said. “It’s up to us to deal with it, and if we don’t, the future does not look good for the world, for a lot of species and for mankind too. If we don’t cut back on our use of fossil fuels and work to reduce CO2 emissions, humans aren’t even going to be able to survive on Earth. It’s up to us if we want a livable future.”

As the event progressed, attendees were allotted time in front of an open mic to state their concerns with today’s global climate crisis as well as recite poems and sing songs if they

wished to do so. A human chain was also formed in support of the strike in front of the student Center.

For more information about eco-friendly support in the Conway area, visit

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