An informational meeting with Aramark’s General Manager Jim Nabors, a diversity Civility Circle and an upcoming food drive were discussed during the Student Government Association senate chambers meeting Nov. 5.

Chair of the Housing and Food Services Committee, Jennifer Cale had met previously with Nabors Nov.1. Cale, along with the rest of the committee, asked Nabors several imperative questions regarding food services at UCA. Nabors was able to confirm several improvements to the food services, including better cleanliness in the Christian Cafeteria from

pre-soaking utensils in hot water mixed with detergent before washing. By Housing and Food Services’ request, Nabors also confirmed that Aramark will actively work on providing additional fresh fruit in the cafeteria. Though, regarding additional gluten-free options, Nabors told the committee they should contact Disability Resources and the Aramark dietitian to find out exactly how many students are impacted by celiac disease before they could move forward.

Nabors also informed the committee that the contract between Aramark and Pizza Hut will expire April 2019 and they will replace the establishment in the Student Center with a new pizza place entitled Oaf Pizza.

Diversity Committee Chair Marco Ramirez announced there would be a Civility Circle Nov. 7 from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the McCastlain Ballroom. This circle will provide an open area for students to discuss diversity and learn more from their fellow students about diversity as a whole on and off campus.

The Academic Affairs Committee will be hosting the Benefiting the Bear Essentials Food Pantry food drive. Committee chair Mary Beth Ivie’s goal is to ensure everyone has food on their table for this holiday season. The food drive will be from Nov. 12-19 and will collect food items from peanut butter, jelly, ramen, soups, pastas, microwaveable meals and personal hygiene products. The items will go toward the on campus Bear Essentials Food Pantry.

A handful of other imperative announcements were made during the meeting, including the next Presidential Town Hall meeting at 5:30 p.m.  Nov. 14 in Student Center room 214. All students are welcomed to either submit their

campus-related questions online or attend the meeting and ask President Davis directly. A reminder of the upcoming Red Flag Campaign was also brought up by Vice President of Finance Spencer Burton. The campaign will focus on the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships and will be during x-period Nov. 13 and 15 at the Student Center Amphitheater.

Burton described the campaign as a way to highlight these unhealthy relationships and open the eyes of fellow citizens struggling with their personal relationships.


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