Kevin Hart stars in Netflix’s latest movie, “Fatherhood,” and delivers hyper-realistic emotions through a tragically touching movie that needs to be seen.

“Fatherhood” is directed by Paul Weitz and is based on the true story and recent book by Matt Logelin. 

Hart plays Matt, a father struggling to find hope and joy in what should be one of the best days of his life -- his daughter’s birth. However, his wife, Liz, played by Deborah Ayorinde, deals with complications soon after giving birth. 

This part of the movie has been confirmed to be true to the real-life situation, along with many more instances through the production and the writing process. 

Matt deals with all of the imaginable obstacles any new parent would encounter but has no one to help him when things get hard.

The movie depicts very real feelings and shots of late nights with no sleep and the intense battle to balance his work-life while also having a newborn at home.

“Fatherhood” brings both sad and touching moments to downright hilarious encounters with Hart and co-stars like Lil Rel Howery who plays Matt’s friend, Jordan, and Anthony Carrigan who plays Matt’s coworker, Oscar. 

The movie does a great job of breaking stereotypes that are found too commonly in African American movies like a struggling come-up story or anything relating to bad dads. 

Throughout the movie, however, as Matt is dealing with the newness of parenting, both his mother, played by Thedra Porter and his mother-in-law, played by Alfre Woodard, try to help out as much as possible but end up being obviously over-worried and overbearing at times. 

As time passes, Matt’s daughter, Maddy Logelin, who is played by excellently cast Melody Hurd, grows up to be a spitting image of both her dad and what was known shortly about her mom. 

Matt is consistent with trying to do what is best for his daughter through her childhood and picks her over almost everything else in his life. 

The characters encounter issues and hardships through life with different ups and downs but always bring it back and work it out lovingly between the two. 

At first glance, “Fatherhood” could easily be taken as a comedy, given that Netflix usually shows the funniest parts in the previews. Although there are a few comedic moments and dad jokes in the film, it leans more towards a drama with the plot line. 

With the movie being released on Father’s Day, Netflix lined it up to be the new #1 movie for the time being. 

With brilliant casting and writing, “Fatherhood” demands to be watched by all kinds of people, not just families or fathers with incredible circumstances. 

Hart’s performance is touching and extremely realistic, most likely coming from his experience with his own three children: Hendrix Hart, Heaven Hart, and Kenzo Kash Hart.

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