Youtuber's band puts out unique rock album

An animatronic skeleton with a scythe holds a glass of wine in the album cover for IRIS’s new album, “Goliath’s Throne.” The album can now be streamed on all music streaming services. (photo courtesy of DAGames)

“Goliath’s Throne” is a very intriguing rock album to listen to and IRIS has done a fantastic job creating it. 

IRIS is the alias used by Will Ryan, a youtuber and music producer in the United Kingdom. I first found Ryan’s video-game related songs on YouTube, but he released a second album under the IRIS label towards the end of October. Before the album was released, Will explained in the YouTube community section how the album is essentially a story. Listening to the first lines of the song, you hear the namesake Goliath wake up from his long slumber and react to the society around him. When I heard these lyrics, it gave the album a whole new meaning.

From the beginning song “Havok be thy Game” to the ending “Going Away,” the entire album treats the listener to a wide variety of music. I’ve heard Will’s work before, but getting to hear screamo featured in his songs is impressive to me.  

While the album was dangled in front of listeners with releases of singles from the album throughout the months before its release, one teased track that caught my eye was “Cold Man.” For some reason, this felt like the perfect song to play while venting your frustrations to the world. “Cold Man” is a song I love listening to whenever my mood is down. 

By far, one of my favorite songs from the album is “You’re Better Off.” While the rest of the tracks are hard-hitting with their metal beats, this one’s tone is different. It’s almost like a five-minute roller coaster, in which the songs narrator goes through a mini story. I enjoyed the tones of the album’s other loud and aggressive songs, but this one caught me by surprise. Something about the way that, presumably the namesake Goliath, talks about going from wanting to be alone to wanting to have someone — the listener or maybe a close friend — with him in the end spoke to me. It invokes feelings of wanting to be alone in the worst of times, even while surrounded by people willing to help you out.

 All in all, I really love this album. I’m not the biggest rock fan, but I enjoyed every song on “Goliath’s Throne.” Will’s work is great from start to finish and I had no regrets listening to the album. 

“Goliath’s Throne” is available on all music streaming services, as well as on YouTube.

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