1. RSO (Registered Student Organization): 

From the UCA Cornhole Club to the American Chemical Society, there is an organization for everyone on UCA’s campus. Moving onto campus and trying to build friendships can be hard. Getting involved in an RSO can almost guarantee friendship through shared interests. Even if there isn’t an RSO that sounds interesting, you can create your own RSO. It’s a simple process that requires six or more students to join and a faculty or staff RSO advisor to endorse the organization. After the requirements are met and the organization gets approved by the student life faculty, you will have created your very own RSO!

2. Campus Ministries: If you were involved in a youth group before college, a campus ministry may be something for you to look into. There are around 25 ministries on campus including Bears for Christ, Chi Alpha, Catholic Campus Ministry, and Baptist Collegiate Ministry. Most of the campus ministries are also RSOs. However, there are some ministries on campus that aren’t registered as student organizations and may not show up in the RSO search on UCA’s website. If there is a church near campus you enjoy attending, ask if they have a campus ministry.

3. Greek Life: When people think of college, many times they think of the college image displayed in movies. The image where college students in fraternities and sororities do drugs, fail classes, and haze the freshmen. This perception of Greek life is far from the truth. Sororities and fraternities are about forming bonds and making connections while furthering their education. No one can join without a GPA of 2.5 or higher. If a member’s grade drops below that, even after recruitment, that individual is kicked out of the organization. UCA Greek organizations are also a safe place. The parties held by these organizations on campus must be registered, and they are supervised by police officers. People who join Greek life are part of a lifelong friendship that helps them succeed wherever they go in life. It also looks good on job applications.

4. Volunteering: Volunteering is a good way to get involved and to make a positive impact on the local community. A common misconception is that volunteer opportunities are hard to come by. On campus,the opportunities are everywhere! If you go to uca.campuslabs.com, click the events tab and you’ll find a list of events to volunteer for. If you have a busy schedule, most opportunities only require a one-day commitment. For a more long term commitment, Bear Boots on the Ground is a group on campus that takes trips over the summer, winter, and spring breaks to help with recovery following natural disasters. There are also some ways to get involved with volunteering off campus. The Bethlehem House is a community center in Conway that requests volunteers to assist in distributing food to homeless individuals.

5. SGA and student media: If you are interested in serving the needs of the campus and representing the students at UCA, consider getting involved with the Student Government Association (SGA). SGA is composed of four executive board officers and around 40 student senators. The primary purpose of SGA is to be a liaison between the UCA administration and the students. Another way for your voice to be heard around campus is by joining a student media organization such as the Vortex, UCA’s magazine, the Scroll, UCA’s yearbook, the Echo, UCA’s Newspaper, or News6, UCA’s daily live newscast.

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