1. Billie Eilish. At only 17-year-olds, Billie Eilish’s album, “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” hit number one on the Billboard Hot 200 in April 2019. She was the first 2000’s artist to have an album make the cut. Just recently, she knocked Lil Nas X out of the top spot in the Billboard Hot 100 with her song, “Bad Guy”. Everyone has probably heard Eilish’s name in a conversation at least once, and most people only have good things to say about her.


  1. Zendaya. Zendaya is an incredible actress, inspiring role-model for the Disney channel family and an incredible vocalist. She is also known for the HBO television series, “Euphoria”. In the show, it is clear that she has transitioned significantly from her persona on Disney Channel to a more realistic representation of the average teen who deals with pressure in everyday life. The scenes portrayed in the show are far more relatable than one may think, and she uses her platform for good. She always tries to share positivity, show her true self and stay humble through life’s pressures. 


  1. Khalid. We all know Khalid from at least one song, but do you know how much he has given back to his community? First, he gave away three $10,000 scholarships through The Great Khalid Foundation. Khalid also gave backpacks to children of El Paso on the backpack tour through the same foundation. He’s made many more contribution efforts, but most importantly, after the mass shooting in El Paso, he held a benefit concert and all the proceeds went to the families that lost someone in the August shooting. 


  1. Lizzo. A beautiful, self-loving, body positivity gal, Lizzo is the perfect role model and had a successful summer starting with her BET performance. Two years ago, Lizzo released “Truth Hurts”, and two years later, that song reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Lizzo knows how to make good music, and she is on the rise. One of the best qualities Lizzo has is staying true to herself and never being ashamed of who she is. “Truth Hurts” is an anthem, and Lizzo is definitely underrated. 

5. Lil Nas X. Last, but definitely not least, Lil Nas X is a record holder for 19 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 with the hit song, “Old Town Road (Remix) Ft. Billy Ray Cyrus”. A few weeks after his song became popular, he announced that he is gay on World Pride Day. People had varying reactions to his announcement, but it didn’t tear him down. He also won a Grammy for “Old Town Road (Remix)”, and he put on an incredible Grammy performance with “Panini”. It’s time to stop remembering him for “Old Town Road

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