1. Get Connected 

Zoey 101 is fading and just before Drake and Josh you hear the most unforgettable tune of the century. Education Connection is a program that connects people to colleges based on career goals. It’s a tool that we all probably should have utilized, but instead we just sing along to the bop. Surprisingly, this is still a device you can use today despite the wide range of access to the internet. I’m sure that you could not even read “education connection” without reading it in the voice of that woman. 

  1. Danimals

During the Sprouse twin’s rise to fame, they took to advertisements by Danimals. As children, we were already getting our needed dairy and abundance of sugar from yogurt tubes and drinks. However, when Cole and Dylan took to the branding scene, they changed the way to slurp yogurt. They introduced “crush-cups,” which was basically regular strawberry yogurt in a flexible plastic cup that you could squeeze. Yet, we fell for the scheme that the coolness of the Suite Life crew. 

  1. 3 A.M. Vibes

You fell asleep with the television on again. The sound is up just enough for you to wake from your chocolate milk dreams. Now you lay in cold sweats, and what do you see? George Lopez, Belita Moreno and Constance Marie jumping on a trampoline to a beat that is likely stuck in your head now. Have you noticed that you never woke up when the show was in session? It was only when the theme song played. If not at 3 a.m., you were likely to wake up to it playing just before school since it always changed to Married with Children at 5:30 a.m. Also, what is the actor that played Max doing now?

  1. R-Double-E-S-E-S YES. 

Reese’s Puffs cereal is great on its own and the branding is bright enough to catch a person’s attention while in the store. It’s a likelier choice compared to Bran Flakes or Wheaties. However, the commercial was not only a new way to do breakfast, but an introduction to “rap” at a young age. Anyone who could sing every word without mistakes was the equivalent to Slim Shady. This was also the song that ended the debate on how to properly pronounce Reese’s, which some say it incorrectly to this day. 

  1. Cha Cha Cha Chia 

As meer aspiring gardeners at the age of seven, we all saw the clay figures that tempted us on the shelves at Walmart. Better yet, we saw the variety of figurines (e.g. Scooby Doo, Spongebob and Bob Ross) and knew we needed a chia pet. While this generation petitions to bring back Yogos, Chia Pets are alive and thriving. The best thing to come from Chia Pets is the advertisement jingle. The problem is, you can never just use ‘cha-cha-cha-chia’ in everyday conversation unless you are talking about things from your childhood. Unlike how anyone can use the ‘oh-yeah’ from the Kool-Aid man in passing.

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