1. You’re a freshman and there is no free food

By this point of the year, you’re not even really a freshman. You’ve got your schedule locked down for when to sneak in a nap before your loud roommate gets back to the dorm, when to pretend you’re studying to avoid certain people and what events to attend to get the free food. Unfortunately for you, there are no refreshments or hors d’oeuvre attached to this issue of The Echo. At this stage of college, free pizza means “I’ll be there in five minutes,” while no food provided means, “Eh, maybe another time.”


2. You’re a sophomore and found an RSO for yourself

As a freshman at UCA, you may know two other students who happen to have classes across campus from you. If you commute, forget about really getting to know people that first year. Friends come as scarcely as your gas money. But sophomore year is when you can really get to know people. You experimented with different clubs and organizations freshman year, and you’ve found the group you’re meant for. Now you’re off collecting aluminum cans to save beluga whales. Nice. Making a difference and making friends should come first before this list. Carry on.


3. You’re a Junior and Don’t Know How You’ll Survive

You have six days, 11 hours and 39 minutes left to write that big essay worth 35% of your grade, and 13 other projects to finish before finals start. Oh yeah, you have to squeeze in some time to study too. Parents are asking when you’ll come visit, and your organizations are asking for your help. If there is one thing you don’t have time for, it’s this silly list. I get it. A friend of mine taught me to keep everything where it’s at. Don’t bring school’s worries to work, or the stress of work to school, etcetera. You’ll make it through, and when you do, you’ll be stronger for it.


4. You’re a senior and this is the last thing on your mind

We all have this last semester that leaves little time for anything, let alone reading this list. Heck, I’m writing this list and this is still the last thing on my mind.  You have 17 days until you graduate college and enter the world of official adulthood. Between applications, job opportunities, moving arrangements and figuring out the shoes you’ll wear under your graduation gown, you’ve got more important things to worry about than a list. As Ariana Grande would say, thank u, next.


5. You may just not know about The Echo

One thing I’ve enjoyed as a student journalist has been learning about different events, opportunities and RSOs available for me on campus, such as the WOW closet and random scholarships. It’s taught me to look past my daily routine and have an eye for future opportunity. The Echo may be just another jumble of paper you pass as you walk through academic buildings, and that’s fine. But it could be another opportunity. Life moves fast, so it’s tempting to always move faster. Sometimes, however, life rewards those who slow down.

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