1.Your bed

This location is the easiest to attest to, since it does have pillows and blankets. As always, the bed is truly designed to be your safeguard against fulfilling your responsibilities and leaving your dorm room. Not only does it have ample comfort and warmth for a good eight-hour nap, but using resources such as your sheets or favorite pillow will allow your finals tears to be caught and soaked up. If you choose to use this location, please remember to close your blinds and lock your door to alert others that is it officially finals week and you are in no mood to talk or socialize until further notice.


2. The floor of the library

You can no longer find a chair or booth in the library because everyone has now started to come in at 5 a.m. to claim studying spots. Instead of panicking or fighting to the death for an inch of cushion, I suggest totally giving up and finding a decent floor corner to cry in. Of course, if you would also like to use this particular spot on the floor for napping, it is advised to bring your own blanket and pillow. Unfortunately, the library does not provide such meaningful supplies for check out. (But it totally should, right?) Maybe after a good crying session a small sliver of chair or seat will open up.


3. By the fountain

Wouldn’t you know, the Arkansas weather has decided to allow you to bath in some sunshine for a whole 18 minutes! But you cannot truly enjoy basking in that warm glory because you are about to be held hostage in a room for 1-2 hours in order to take a test that you surely aren’t ready for. The fountain allows a generous space to sit, and by that I mean right over the water, to allow your tears to fall directly into the waterjets and be forever consumed by UCA. If this is where you choose to nap, however, I would suggest you sleep a bit further from the water, as to not disturb you in your wallowing slumber.


4. In a closet

Closets are really cool because they might be the only place to truly offer privacy from the outside world. While a walk-in closet is suggested for you to start living in small spaces because you might just fail your final and have to live in a shed in your parents’ backyard, small closets will do just fine. Make sure to keep your closet as dark as possible to experience the darkness that surrounds you during finals week. While napping is suggested to be done in your own bed (see number one), the activity of crying is emphasized in this location due to the walls blocking out any sound of you having a panic attack.


5. In your car

Finally, we reach your car, which perhaps is the most beneficial place. For starters, pillows and blankets are more easily stored in your car, along with snacks and drinks that you might need by your side as you wallow. In my own experience, the back seats are the most comfortable to lay in. Not to mention, laying in the back seats will provide you with more privacy. Being already situated in your car also means that you will have the opportunity to escape from finals and reality whenever you want. I suggest moving to Canada and changing your name because — let’s face it — finals are simply too much.

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