1. Will the Lakers repeat?

The Los Angeles Lakers have one of the more interesting rosters going into the offseason as they are coming off of a big championship run in what was a tumultuous season overall, but they also have very few members of their roster actually under contract for the upcoming season. Guys like Rajon Rondo, Dwight Howard and Markeiff Morris may not be household names anymore, but they were integral parts of the Laker’s playoff success this past season. The Lakers were however able to trade away Danny Greenand their 28th overall pick to acquire Dennis Schroeder from the Oklahoma City Thunder which I would consider a steal for the Lakers. If they’re able to play their cards right, they may just have a chance to repeat this season.

2. Where is Lamelo Ball being drafted?

Lamelo Ball has been a highly touted prospect for the past year or so and he has the potential to be better than both his brother LiAngelo Ball, and Lonzo Ball, starting point guard for the New Orleans Pelicans. Up until about a week ago, Lamelo had been projected to go 3rd overall to the Charlotte Hornets which wouldn’t be a bad team for him to go to given he would probably be able to grow and develop while having a long enough leash to make mistakes on the court, but now, Lamelo is projected to go 1st overall to the Timberwolves who already have an All-Star point guard in D’Angelo Russell.

3. Will Giannis resign?

Two-time MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks once again disappointed in the playoffs this past season, getting absolutely crushed by the Miami Heat after looking dominant in the regular season. Giannis is a generational talent and can do almost anything for a team except shoot the ball consistently, but even then, he has been progressing in that area every offseason. The bottom line here is that the Milwaukee Bucks haven’t been able to build or retain a talented enough roster around Giannis to give them any chance in the playoffs. Giannis has until December 21 to sign his 5-year super-max contract and the whole league will be watching.

4. What will the Warriors look like?

The Golden State Warriors have the 3rd overall pick in this year’s draft and I can promise you that it wasn’t from being one of the better teams. The Warriors will be back to full strength this upcoming season though, with a healthy Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson both reuniting as the splash brothers. We’ll also get to see how former 1st overall pick in the 2014 draft Andrew Wiggins fits into the run and gun offense the Warriors have been known for the better part of this past decade. With a team that has very little holes on their roster as well, now they have the ability to add a top talent in the draft as well with some hoping that they can somehow acquire Lamelo Ball.

5. Will this season finish successfully?

Coming off of a season that was halted by a global pandemic and had to be finished months later in a lock-down bubble in Disney World, the NBA is going to be back to normal in a sense this upcoming season. They will be allowing some fans into arenas depending on the city and teams will be traveling, but the schedules will be made to hopefully have them travel as little as possible. With all of this being said, the NBA will have a lot of challenges and it will be interesting to see how they deal with them because it’s going to be nearly impossible for none of the athletes or coaches involved to have a positive test.

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