The Bachelor finale: Patience, tears and manipulation

In the finale of what some are calling "The Bachelor's" most dramatic season yet, Peter Weber chooses between Hannah Ann Sluss [left] and Madison Prewett [right].

Host Chris Harrison was not lying when he said Peter Weber’s season of “The Bachelor”would be the most dramatic season yet. Even when it seemed that Peter might have a happy ending, the show was not over yet.

Peter’s mother, Barbara Weber, seemed to take over the final two episodes of the season. Some fans are regarding her as the most hated woman in the history of “The Bachelor.” While most parents are supportive of their children being with who makes them happy, it seems that Barbara has her own best interest at heart.

The dramatic season seemed to end with an engagement to Hannah Ann Sluss after Auburn-native Madison Prewett decided to “surrender” in her journey with Weber because they were too different. 

Unfortunately, Peter was downplaying his feelings for Prewett and seemed to lead Sluss on for months on end prior to breaking off their engagement. She was extremely hurt and felt that Weber ruined her first chance at an actual engagement. This was one of the first times the bachelor nation was able to see Hannah Ann’s maturity this season.

Fans were quick to cheer her on and bash Peter for being immature and not ready for real commitment. Barbara and Peter Sr. both sided with Hannah Ann and seemed to side-eye their own son.

Madison Prewett soon came out on stage and, in a clip shown on the big screen, Chris Harrison was able to reunite her and Peter in order to rekindle their romance. While it seemed that after a happy reunion they may be together, the pair revealed that they have only been staying in touch but are taking it day-by-day.

The night ended on a rough note with Barbara lashing out against Madison, saying that Madison had made them wait hours to meet them and was not willing to accept a proposal from Peter four days after she met his parents, and Peter was intimate with another woman during fantasy suite week. While Madison seemed to keep her composure, she soon cut Barbara off because the mother’s tongue lashing was not stopping. 

At the end of the night, Harrison asked Barbara if she possibly saw herself and Prewett making up and if she had any words of advice for Peter. She seemed to have more choice words than words of advice.

“Chris, he’s going to have to fail to succeed,” Barbara said.

It seemed that the audience could barely focus on the happy reunion between Prewett and Peter, or even on new bachelorette Clare Crawley’s introduction, whose season has since been postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The manipulative parenting tactics shown by Peter’s parents to sway him to pick a certain girl affected the outcome of the show and ruined it for all three people.

Manipulative behaviors, such as crying hysterically, using nicknames repetitively, and bashing the women on live television, seemed to have driven the Weber family apart last night after Peter’s seemingly unsuccessful season of “The Bachelor.” 

While shows like this can be exciting and dramatic, the effects they can have on the cast and viewers can be detrimental.

This season of “The Bachelor” is now available for streaming on Hulu and ABC.

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