New Borat might be the craziest film of 2020

The sequel to feature Sacha Baron Cohen’s infamous character is titled “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” and was released Oct. 23 to Amazon’s streaming platform, Prime Video. This film brings Borat back and adds Tutar, Borat’s daughter to the lineup.

The film begins with a short recap of the previous film, explaining where Borat has been since 2006. We find out he has been confined to physical labor for the past 14 years due to the embarrassment his first film brought the nation of Kazakhstan. Premier Nazarbayev, the President of Kazakhstan, later proposes a mission for Borat: gift a monkey to Mike Pence so that Kazakhstan may gain Donald Trump’s respect.

Once in America, we find that Borat’s daughter, Tutar, snuck into the shipping crate with the monkey and made her way to the United States against her father’s wishes. Borat discovers that the monkey has been eaten, leaving him to propose giving his daughter to Mike Pence instead.

When Borat’s plan to bring Tutar to Pence goes array, Tutar proposes a new candidate: Rudy Giuliani. In the process of getting to Giuliani, Tutar is inspired to become independent and leave her father. This leaves Borat to find her in the midst of a national quarantine, before he faces execution by the Kazakhstan government.

Initially, the film may seem to be a simple rehashing of the first movie, with the same public pranks but a more politically driven plot. However, as the film progresses we realize Cohen has advanced his practical jokes to a further extreme, most commanding full-body cringes. A character revision for Borat is an added aspect as well, making Cohen’s character eventually realize the hate behind antisemitism and misogyny. There is also, oddly enough, a subplot about the strengthening of a father-daughter bond.

Sacha Baron Cohen is a professional when it comes to playing devil’s advocate. In the first Borat film, Cohen pulled some of the most outrageous quotes from people, many of them completely unstaged.

Cohen continued the practice in his 2018 show “Who Is America?” where he disguised himself and interviewed political figures, the most memorable being a clip with Republican Jason Spencer from the Georgia House of Representatives. This clip showed Spencer mocking Chinese people, pulling his pants down, and yelling the N-word more than three times.

Ultimately Cohen performs brilliantly in this film and what makes it better is that many of the most jarring moments in the production maintain Cohen’s streak of authenticity and offer honest insight into the current climate of America. The most interesting moments being when Borat lives with two Republican conspiracy theorists and when Rudy Giuliani finds himself in a bedroom with Tutar, who poses to be a 15-year-old girl in the film.

I often found myself having to pause the movie because even though the pranks are hilarious, the second-hand embarrassment sometimes became unmanageable. However, “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” Is guaranteed to leave your head spinning in hopefully, all the best ways possible.


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