Romance film depicts modern love story

Diaz and Demos kick up the heat in the steamy Netflix romance “Falling Inn Love”. The movie is now streaming on Netflix. (photo courtesy of

“Falling Inn Love,'' a Netflix original movie released Aug. 29, stole the hearts of the audience and made a Hallmark-channel love story seem not so ridiculous.

The film begins with life going great for Gabriela Diaz (Christina Milian), but after she loses her job and breaks up with her boyfriend, it seems like her life has come to a halt. While she is rifling through her emails, Gabriela finds an advertisement for a chance to win a free inn. 

After finding out she won the drawing, Gabriela uproots her life by moving to New Zealand and attempting to fix up an old broken down inn with her handsome and hard-headed contractor, Jake Taylor (Adam Demos).

For a film with a pun in the title, it was a well put together love story. The plot was unique and relevant to modern times. People frequently buy run down houses and resell for a larger value. This idea is what Gabriela and Jake had for the inn in “Falling Inn Love”.

I was surprised the film wasn’t full of cheesy quotes. Most scenes involved strong, relevant dialogue that developed Gabriela and Jake’s relationship over time. As they redesigned the inn, Gabriela and Jake shared personal stories without coming across as too sentimental. 

They had a lot of cute moments while working on the inn such as being interrupted by a goat every time they were about to kiss. The cute moments continued with other scenes of Gabriela and Jake playfully bickering over what items in the house they should fix and which ones they should replace.

The film did have its cliche moments. Most love stories have scenes in the beginning where the lovers run into each other and then have an awkward moment where they either leave the scene angry at each other or embarrassed with themselves. 

When Gabriela gets to New Zealand, she realizes the town isn’t what she thought it was. She finds herself in a countryside with no cellphone service and no people in sight. While she attempts to get a signal on her phone, Gabriela’s suitcase rolls into Jake’s truck.

When Jake gets out of the truck, he makes fun of Gabriela for her choice in shoes and makes a comment about not seeing many people like her out in the country. He offers her a ride, but, not knowing Jake and being offended by his comments, Gabriela declines. This encounter makes it awkward when they run into each other repeatedly after she gets into town.

There’s always an antagonist in love stories and Charlotte Wadsworth (Anna Julliene) met the expectations of the love story villain . Charlotte owns the only other inn in town, and it had always been her dream to own the inn Gabriela had just received. Once she finds out that it had been given to Gabriela for free, she becomes furious and does everything she can to get Gabriela to sell her the house and get out of town.

I rarely get annoyed by the cinematography of films. However, this movie had a big issue. In some of the scenes, the complete lower section was blurry. It seemed like a background effect, but sometimes, from an actor’s torso down, the film would be cloudy like something was smudged on the camera lens. 

Overall, this is a must see love story that will keep you wondering what happens next and rooting for the cute unexpected couple.

“Falling Inn Love” is now streaming on Netlix and is rated TV-PG.

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