Netflix Party may be the most brilliant thing to come out of the pandemic

Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension that allows users to watch Netflix simultaneously from their own homes. 

Everyone seems to be doing their part these days. This is pretty obvious by the number of emails I get daily from companies — that I have shopped at one time in my entire life — informing me of their plans for the COVID-19. Most everyone seems to be trying to stay home — and if they aren’t, it’s because they’re forced to show up to work or they’re social distancing on a hike. 

Netflix, a TV and movie online streaming service, has come up with a brilliant idea to encourage young people, specifically, to stay in the comfort of their own humble abode. 

Netflix released a Google Chrome extension called Netflix Party. Netflix Party is basically a way for people to watch Netflix at the same time as their friends, but remotely. Friends can chat live and when one person pauses the film, the movie or tv show will pause on both screens.

While this extension was originally released in January, no one was really talking about it and if they were, it was to complain about all of the glitches. Now that it’s March and people in the United States are looking for new ways to perfect social distancing, this extension has made a huge comeback. 

I tried this extension almost right away because I am curious by nature, and this seemed to be a pretty cool idea. For those of us who have been seeing our professors and classmates via Google Hangout, this is very similar. 

My best friend and I picked a time to watch a tv show, downloaded Netflix Party, and played “The Office” — yes, I know, we’re incredibly basic and most of you don’t even think that The Office is funny, but it is, and you’re not fun if you don’t think so. I have to say, I was very impressed with the sound quality and lack of glitching. Obviously, in a perfect pandemic-free society, no, I would never use this, because I would be with my bestie lying on the couch, half-watching the show half chit-chatting. 

For the time being, I do really like this extension. I think it’s a great way to entice young adults to stay home. So often, when I visit my friends — from UCA and at home — we spend copious amounts of time just hanging out, watching Netflix or Disney Plus or Hulu. It’s fun and it’s a good way to just spend time together. Since I’ve been home, I have rarely been out with the exception of work, and what I have missed most was being able to hang out with all of my friends and watch sitcoms and eat ice cream, and as weird as it seems, Netflix Party has brought a little bit of that back to me in a time that feels very lonely.


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