I’ll be honest, I don’t enjoy every Christmas movie I’ve ever seen. In fact, I literally cannot force myself to watch a Hallmark movie. I generally struggle to watch any movie with my full attention span, however, “A New York Christmas Wedding” really held my attention at full span the entirety of the movie.

Don’t get me wrong, the movie is still full of cringe-worthy overly emotional anecdotes. I won't lie, the acting is also pretty bad. This is not a christmas movie with well known actors, but it has a good plot and because of that it is worth your time.

Within the first moments of the movie, there are two best friends who fall apart, a dog being put down and a couple full of love. Basically, it is the same storylines from just about every feel good movie ever.

This story is completed by an overbearing mother-in-law with an unhealthy relationship with her son. Of course, there is no christmas movie without the completion of a guardian angel helping a woman find her way to true love.

This movie also encompasses every ironic thing about the classic traditional christmas. This is a really great story that speaks on grief management, the struggle of acceptance, the power in being truly 100% authentically yourself.

Christmas magic is something that is always spoken upon around the holidays. I think everyone deep down thinks about the self you would be in a different universe. Who you would be in an alternate universe, the upside down and the perfect world.

In short, this is a classic “Christmas Story” type of film. It is the classic story of finding oneself. The story of a woman engaged to her ghost of a girlfriend, is a major twist to the classical story.

Everyone says the holidays are by far the worst time to lose someone you love, and I will be the first to agree. This movie has a beautiful counterplot showing the joyfulness of the holiday, even after loss.

I also just have to commend the effort this director went to with the side plot of our main character Gabrielle being in love with her childhood best friend. It is nice to see a bisexual woman in a movie that is not being portrayed as overly horny or slutty. It was nice to not see an embodiment of a fetish displayed, which is one of the most stereotypical story plots.

The catholic church was also portrayed as an enemy in this classic story. This movie deals with how the church allows for diversity in some ways but leaves out the classic inclusion piece. This is such a complex movie that really portrays current events in the ways that they are happening.

Overall, I say if you love drama, love, comedy and Christmas, you will absolutely love “A New York Christmas Wedding.” This movie can now be streamed on Netflix.

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