‘It Chapter Two’ creates more laughs in audience than moments of horror

Pennywise the clown looks menacing behind the silouette of a red balloon. “It Chapter Two” is now playing in theaters everywhere and is rated R.

“It Chapter Two”, which came out Sept. 6, is a three-hour film filled with jump scares, laughs and characters that everyone could relate to. 

Based on the 1986 novel written by the greatest horror novelist, Stephen King, the movie did not disappoint in its similarity to his original writing and the previous “It” sequel, which made an appearance in 1990. 

Following the 2017 prequel, “It Chapter Two” ties up loose ends with flashbacks starring the characters from the first movie. With the adult roles played by seasoned actors such as Bill Hader, Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy, the personalities and personal issues of the characters were made clear and presented well.

It was just as easy to become as attached to the adult characters as it was the children in the prequel. However, the sequel did not have the suspenseful and hair-raising feel of the first, but rather a dark and comedic one.

 “It Chapter Two” is not a movie that can be watched without seeing the prequel. A long 27 years have passed for Beverly (Jessica Chastain), Richie (Bill Hader), Bill (James McAvoy), Mike (Isaiah Mustafa) Ben (Jay Ryan) and Eddie (James Ransone), all of whom were members of the self-created loser club, and all of whom made promises and parted ways at the end of “It” (2017).

Mike is the only member of the loser club that remained in Derry after 27 years, and he spent most of his time learning about Pennywise the clown (Bill Skarsgård) and how to defeat him. When Mike notices a similar trend to the events the seven children had experienced years earlier, he begins to contact the other six members to remind them of their promise: every member of the losers club would return to Derry if Pennywise started killing again.

Even though the children had grown into successful adults, comedians, authors and more, something compelled them to return to Derry and reunite. These original seven find that Pennywise returned stronger than before and ready to feed off of their fears and secrets.

 “It Chapter Two” is categorized as a supernatural horror film. However, it presents itself as a dark comedy as well. There are just as many laughs at the humor presented by certain characters and situations as there are scares from the many forms that Pennywise takes to terrorize the children, and now these seven adults, of the town. 

There were more special effects in “It Chapter Two” than in the prequel, and while they were made to scare the audience, they were cheesy and fun to laugh at rather than scary enough to make everyone hide their eyes in fear. 

Many of the topics that cause controversy in society, such as homosexuality, were acknowledged in “It Chapter Two”, both in the first scene of the movie and in the secrets and fears of the seven members of the loser club. This addition of current world issues, as well as the film’s ability to hold true to the original story, makes the latest “It” movie all the more impressive.  

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