There are few tv shows that are actually so good I can’t stop watching. “Little Fires Everywhere” is a brilliant visual to the book that I fell in love with. Shaker Heights is a community that prides itself on diversity, but like most diverse suburban areas, there are clear divides. 


This show depicts two very different women, Elena Richardson and Mia Warren — a journalist and an artist. A woman born into generational wealth and a woman who works hard for her money. A family of 6 and a single mom. They are connected to each other through a property lease. They are very different and somehow their stories continue to intertwine. 


This is not a soap-opera drama. It is not about suburban mishaps or housewives fighting. This is two very strong women with different lifestyles fighting on behalf of their friends. There is so much that happens in such a short period of time.  


If you like crime, mystery, secrets and lies, then this show is a perfect fit for you. I don’t normally spend a lot of time on Hulu, and I certainly am not the first to watch Hulu Originals, but this was a perfect surprise. 


Reese Witherspoon plays perfect housewife and brilliant small town newspaper reporter Elena. Elena’s character is annoying. She is pushy as a mother and worried entirely too much about appearance. Elena is, by society’s definition in the 80s, the perfect woman. She lives the best of both worlds — an obnoxious homemaker and a somewhat independent investigator. 


Kerry Washington, who is notorious for playing strong independent roles in shows such as “Scandal,” plays the strong role of Mia. Mia is a strong, independant, single mother and a brilliant artist. Mia’s life is extremely mysterious with secrets surrounding her daughter’s birth, the real reason they move around all the time and the reason she’s paying her friends legal fees. 


There are these little mysteries, these fires that are waiting to be set, eventually put all of their lives in ruins of sorts. There are so many different stories that continually unfold, stories of past love and different people. This story is more than just a story about family; this is story about how people react when life gets messy, and in the case of the Warrens and the Richardsons, their lives are incredibly messy.  


There is so little I can write without releasing many spoiler alerts. This is such a powerful story and it is a story based upon similar experiences that the author, Celeste Ng, experienced while growing up in a community much like Shaker Heights.   


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