If you’re looking for a warm feel good ghost story with a hint of a haunting, then the “Haunting of Bly Manor” is for you. This Netflix original series is full of ghost, tragedy, heart ache, and revenge.

If you watched the “Haunting of Hill House”, you see the same house on the inside and the same actors just with different names and stories. My biggest recommendation is to not go into this with the hopes it will be as scary as “Hill House” or you will be very disappointed.

It’s the same plot of something horrible happened on the grounds of the manor and you spend nine episodes trying to figure it out and right when you think you have, you’re wrong. This season was a little bit harder to follow along on.

While the show is full of ghost and individual story lines, it’s harder to follow because each episode isn’t based on character’s story. You see them unravel and all come together in the final three episodes.

Our main character is Danny and I had a love hate relationship with her. She was strong willed at first when she took on the role as being an au pair to a set of trouble children in the countryside of England. However, when it came to her personal life and past, she was broken. Danny goes on to save the entire family and show in the end.

The entire show is based around the “lady from the lake”, why she haunts the manor, and why when you die there you never leave the property. This story line is similar to the one in Hill House but of course with its own differences.

The story of the lady in the lake is interesting and will make you question life after death, as well as purgatory. The plot line for her was great but in the grand scheme of the show very minimal. Make sure and really follow along with the dolls and where they are placed. I can’t say too much without spoiling the whole show.

I personally had to rewatch episode seven twice to fully understand what happened and what was going to happen later. It turns out to be a simple story line, but it’s played in several flashbacks within flashbacks, so really pay attention there. Episode seven sets the tone for the rest of the show and you will be able to figure out so much from that one episode. It will change the way you watch the whole show.

I give this show seven out of ten stars due to lack of clarity in the plot lines. However, I still recommend it to anyone who loves a good ghost story and cry. You will cry at the end of this show because it is heart wrenching. If you liked the “Haunting of Hill House” then you will like Bly Manor even though they are different.

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