Among the many memorable Grammy 2021 performances, pop princess Dua Lipa was one that left viewers in awe. Lipa’s Grammy performance exhibited the pop singer’s ability to perform and not just stand behind the microphone. This is a prime example of how social media influences today’s entertainment. It isn’t obvious at first, but let me explain. 

Lipa’s performance kicked off with a slow camera pan that exposed the vibrant pink and purple hues displayed on the screens behind her. The visuals matched the extremely detailed hot pink, glittery boxer-like robe she wore. 

Lipa sang her song “Levitating” ft. Dababy, and for the first bit of the performance, she remained front and center behind her microphone. 

For those that haven’t been following Lipa since she dropped her first self-titled album, “Dua Lipa,” you’d think that the English singer had always been as comfortable on stage as she seemed on the Grammy’s stage. However, Lipa was notorious for receiving extreme criticism on the blandness of her performances over the years. People complained that she lacked stage presence and the ability to keep her fans engaged. These comments and opinions swirled social media and, honestly, it seems that they might have had an impact on the way Lipa approaches the stage. 

One Twitter user wrote, “I still can’t get over how stan twitter bullied Dua Lipa into getting a better choreographer and it worked…” following the Pop singer’s Grammy performance. 

Another tweeted, “I can’t believe Dua Lipa was cyberbullied into being a good performer.” Obviously, this idea of intense social media criticism is touchy. But, in this case, it really did cause a shift in Lipa’s stage presence. 

Her Grammy performance spent under a minute fixated in one spot, camera-wise before it quickly gravitated to her welcoming Dababy to the stage. When Lipa entered the frame again, she strutted down a side set of stairs in a new sparkly blazer before meeting Dababy in the middle. The two shared a balanced choreography before the rapper left the stage, which is when Dua’s stage presence really came into the show. 

The English singer immediately joined her dancers in a synchronized dance break, which led to the dropping of her sparkly robe, revealing a form-fitting two-piece body set. This wardrobe change sequenced a 20-30 second dance interlude that led into the beginning of Lipa’s other single, “Don’t Start Now.” 

Flashing lights, sparkly attire and Lipa’s flawless ability to join in and out of her dancer’s routines without error truly kept viewers’ attention in ways she’s struggled to accomplish in the past. The performance in its entirety was more advanced than what Lipa had exhibited in her first few years as an artist. 

Her Grammy performance, however, embraced visuals, synchronized dancing, outfit changes, choreographed entrances and exits and several other features that simply lacked Lipa’s shows in the past. 

A third Twitter user said, “Dua Lipa was bullied into greatness,” and there’s a scary, almost funny, amount of truth in the statement. 

Other artists at the Grammys were seen dancing and cheering Lipa on and watching the screen visuals intently.

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