Doja Cat's new album portrays limitless talent

On Nov. 7, she released her sophomore album “Hot Pink”. The album perfectly captures Doja’s artistry as it is fun, melodic, provocative, and eccentric. (photo courtesy of

Singer and rapper Doja Cat shows the world the full extent of her talents in her album “Hot Pink”. If you have never heard the name Doja Cat, you might remember her as that girl who went viral for her song about being a cow, “MOOO!”, in 2018. The song was funny and entertaining but it was not a serious representation of who Doja is as an artist. On Nov. 7, she released her sophomore album “Hot Pink”. The album perfectly captures Doja’s artistry as it is fun, melodic, provocative, and eccentric.

Doja starts off the album with her second single, “Cyber Sex”. This track has a playful feel that is accented by a techo feel. She expresses her sexuality on the song, even though it is confined to being expressed virtually.

This is the first album that Doja has featured widely-known artists in hip-hop, which is exciting. I was even more excited to see rapper Smino featured on the next track, “Won’t Bite”. In this song, Doja embraces her fun, flirty side as well as her sassy side. She urges her partner to come closer to her and plays into her “cat” persona, reffering to herself as a “good kitty” who won’t bite ... unless you wrong her. Smino complements the track well, coming in after a short pause in the song. His signature melodic rap style is the perfect track for this song.

The third single on the album, “Rules” is one of my personal favorites and shows a new, fierce side of Doja. On this song, her braggadocious and bold lyrics blend with a sharp, riveting beat to make an instant hit. Doja definitely stepped out of her comfort zone with this track and it worked. The second verse makes the song even hotter. Her flow is so engrossing, listeners won’t be able to help but nod their head to her racy lyrics. This song will be one of Doja’s classics.

“Bottom Bitch” serves as an unorthodox girl anthem. It definetly pays homage to early 2000s grunge-pop music, feature guitar-riffs that will make you think it’s an Avril Lavigne song. This song is laid-back, but it still has enough energy for listeners to chant the chorus playfully with friends.

The energetic and groovy track “Say So” is followed by another collab with rapper Gucci Mane in “Like That”. This is another favorite. Doja and Gucci rap about how they want to be treated by their partner. This song is a fun fusion between pop, R&B, and rap. Doja sings the chorus with a breathy and alluring tone that transitions to an energetic charasmatic tone on her verse. The song has a high tempo that will make listeners want to dance and hit the replay button.

The song “Talk Dirty” has all the elements of a traditional Doja song — suggestive lyrics, intricate melodies, and sassy raps all over an airy, transendent beat. It doesn’t disappoint. In “Addiction,” Doja gets a little vulnerable. She admits to her partner that she is broken and addicted to the thrills of some substances. Despite the lyrical content, this is another fun song. It has an interesting futuristic sound that makes the song … well, addicting.

The song “Streets” slows things down a little, producing a haunting seductive beat. Doja sings about not finding anyone like her partner. She only raps during second verse. However, she strongly delivers a flow that makes the song reach another level of satisfying.

“Shine” is one of those songs that feels like it should be played at the end of a movie when you get the happy ending you wanted.The layered beat of the song is what makes it stand out so much. The “Shine” beat features intricate meoldies, a triumphant piano, a nice 808 beat, and a few other elements to make a song that is blissful yet still bangin’. Doja delivers some satisfying vocals and bars to this beautiful song as well.

Doja delivers another satisfying song with “Better Than Me” and ends the album with her first single “Juicy”. This original version of Juicy was featured on the deluxe version of her previous album, “Amala”. However, a verse from rapper Tyga replaces her original 2nd verse,. I personally prefer the original version, but nevertheless, the song is still fun and vibrant.

With her rise in fame, Doja Cat has proven she deserves the spotlight with this album. She keeps her signature eccentric and blissful style she’s had since the beginning of her career, and she shows growth by producing music that is more complex and expansive.

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