‘Cyncerely C3’ turning point for rapper King Combs

Rapper King Combs rises above his father’s legacy with his newest album “Cyncerely C3.” Released March 29, “Cyncerely C3” is streaming on Apple music, Spotify, Google Play and Tidal.

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In just 25 minutes of his nine-track extended play, King Combs made it clear that a new wave of classic rap music officially changed the game March 29.

“Cyncerely C3” represents Combs fully stepping out of his father’s shadow — the legendary music mogul Diddy — and taking the mantle as the next generation of Bad Boy Records.

With production from DJ Mustard and Ayra Beats, “Cyncerely C3” provides various summer time vibes that Combs graces with his seemingly effortless flow. Just hours before the EP’s debut, Combs released the video for the profound opening track, “Heaven Sent.” This song samples Foxy Brown’s 1996 “I’ll Be Good” featuring Jay Z, and Combs does the song justice and sets a clear tone for this project.

He pulls no punches and exudes major confidence as he raps, “Never satisfied. Can’t be content with minor stats, I need a few Platinum plaques from fire tracks. King Combs can’t relax, in fact, I’m hyperactive. Whip game, switch shades like Michael Jackson.”

Upon hearing this introduction, it’s difficult to advance to the rest of the EP due to the desire to keep this opening on repeat. This feeling carries throughout the project, as almost every track offers a fresh and addictive sound.

Combs is accompanied by several guests on “Cyncerely C3,” including artists like Jeremih, Tee Grizzly, the City Girls and more.

Each of these guest appearances are placed nearly perfectly and fit into the concept of each track. However, perhaps the most show-stealing feature is Ty Dolla $ign on “Good to Ya.” Known for elevating any song he features on, Ty Dolla supplies the melodies and vocals that have made him a household name in the music industry.

This collaboration makes “Good to Ya” the EP’s most stand-out track, ready to take the airwaves by storm just as Combs’ 2018 radio hit “Love you Better” with Chris Brown did.

However, Combs doesn’t stop there when catering to the women on this project with songs like  “Naughty” featuring Jeremih and “Young Roman$e” with Smooky MargiGielaa.

“Cyncerely C3” is the follow-up of Combs’ first project “90s Baby” released in 2018. With his strong musical background, it’s clear Combs has researched every artist who rose before him.

“90s Baby” was clearly focused on recreating ‘90s sounds. With “Cyncerely C3,” his inspiration is still drawn from those times, but Combs’ own unique stamp is placed on every second of the project.

This quality shines bright on the eighth track, “Birthday Suit.” The song embodies the soul of old school hip hop while Combs reciprocates the swag of his father, intertwined with the ideas and mindset of young stars today.

Combs remains authentic for the duration of the project, not looking to portray anything other than himself. This adds a refreshing feeling to the EP, enhancing the listeners’ appreciation for his artistry.

“Cyncerely C3” signifies a turning point in Combs’ young career as well as hip hop music everywhere. And with this project, he is squaring in front as the leader of a new wave. This project provides music that people will want to make memories to and will undoubtedly keep the summer filled with electricity.

“Cyncerely C3” is currently streaming on all platforms including Apple music, Spotify, Google Play and Tidal.


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