Since the “Love Is Dead” record in 2018, it hasn't been a secret that CHVRCHES' lead singer Lauren Mayberry has supposedly had relationship issues and has been bitter about it. But in the band's new single, “Good Girls,” she shows the aggression even more as the song completely shifts the usual theme of the band's music.

Sure, musicians change over time, and bands change their sound every once in a while, but some listeners enjoy the consistency of their favorite bands, which CHVRCHES is losing sight of lately.

However, a little too much consistency can be found in the structuring of their last few singles, as well as a few songs in the “Love Is Dead” record. Although it may create a decent tune, a bit of variance in song structure would be pleasing to the ears rather than the same rhythms and structures of verses and choruses. The band lacks the creativity they once had while writing “The Bones of What You Believe”in 2013 and “Every Open Eye” in 2015.

Not only are they losing structural creativity, but lyrically, they are not as unique as the songs in their debut album, “The Bones of What You Believe.”Listeners can tell the difference by listening and comparing the new single to nearly any of their old songs. They just aren't stylistically pleasing, and they don't lead the listener to think deeper beyond the music like their past lyrics. The lyrics seem to portray a more immature, bitter Lauren Mayberry instead of the creative, intelligent one from 2013.

Bitterness has been a resounding theme from Lauren since 2018. She seems as if Taylor Swift has been reincarnated and appeared in the form of a synth-pop artist. Nobody enjoys a heartbreak, but even more so, nobody likes the person who can't seem to get over one after years.

Sure, it takes time to get over one, but holding onto bitterness damages oneself and is purely immature. Lauren seems like a teenage girl in this sense.

Over the years, as she has physically gotten older, she seems to grow mentally younger in her immature, spiteful and bitter approach to boys in her lyrics. We get it. You went through a breakup, but it's not every man's fault, and it is not the only part of your life worth singing about.

Now, the single “Good Girls” isn't all that bad. It's actually quite catchy and can give one a good earworm; perhaps an aspect of a successful single.

The beginning is a bit reminiscent of the past as the opening resembles the opening of the band's famous hit, “The Mother We Share,”introducing the song with choppy, synth-edited recordings of Lauren's voice leading into the first verse. This is pure nostalgia for a CHVRCHES fan. This sound has been lost in the synth-pop community for quite some years now, and CHVRCHES did well in bringing it back.

The first verse subtly bursts in with a fairly modern-retro synth sound with a smooth underlying bass that rides perfectly along with it. Leading up to the chorus, background harmonies covered in synth edits can be heard, which are reminiscent of past records from the band.

Furthermore, the sound of the synth moving up and down in the chorus gives strong notes from the band's first two albums, which gained their initial following. Although the band has branched out into a more poppy sound lately, they seem to be bringing back bits and pieces of the sounds that gave them traction in the music industry, which stood them out from the rest.

Unfortunately, all-in-all, the band isn't completely standing out from the rest with their most recent releases, including “Good Girls.”Aside from the nice touches of synths and vocal harmonies, this single is fairly typical by today's standards.

If CHVRCHES continues to release songs like this, they will eventually lose their uniqueness and become a very typical pop band, which as it seems, they are already turning into. Nonetheless, lyrically, they will influence a young and vulnerable generation with a culture of toxic feminism and bitterness.

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