Brent Faiyaz surpasses all expectations in new album

R&B artist Brent Faiyaz’s sophomore album “F*** the World” is a dramatic display of musical talent and style, capturing audiences with its authenticity. “F*** the World” was released Feb. 7 and is available on all music streaming platforms.

Brent Faiyaz stuns fans and music lovers alike with his new album “F*** the World.” Faiyaz first stepped onto the music scene with a feature on the Grammy-nominated song “Crew” by GoldLink and Shy Glizzy in 2016. On Feb. 7, the independent artist released his fourth album “F*** the World.” 

This album cannot be categorized into one genre. Faiyaz is not an average R&B and hip hop artist where he solely discusses love and heartbreak. He sheds light on bigger forces at work in the world, but he is also cocky and unapologetic. The album perfectly reflects the artist’s laissez-faire persona. 

The album is coined as a “conceptual project” and tells you a storyline for Faiyaz’s life. It truly is a piece of work necessary for track by track listening. 

Faiyaz released two singles prior to the full album release. He released the title track “F*** the World (Summer in London)” on July 17 and his second single “Rehab (Winter in Paris)” on Sept. 20. 

The first track on the album is called “Skyline,” which cleverly introduces the first lyrics of the album with a question for the listeners to ponder. The intro asks, “Do you know what makes this world go ‘round?” He sprinkles in that it is important to realize that we are united in society, “everything you do, don’t affect just you.” 

“Clouded” is the next track on the album and a favorite of mine. Faiyaz derived much inspiration from different artists like Lil Wayne on this sing-songy rap track. He paints a picture of a glamorous life that he sacrificed and worked hard for but wonders if it is all worth it. His beautiful falsetto and the fast tempo distracts from his pure sincerity of concern.

The third track “Been Away” is a money-driven song reflecting the money-driven world we live in, but there is a weakness shown by Faiyaz as he tells his partner to wait on him. This song is reflective of how  our world prioritized money over relationships in our lives. 

The title track “F*** the World (Summer in London)” had me hesitant at first. This is where Faiyaz’s vulgar side makes way. He makes an over-indulgent, self-obsessed personality sound romantic and soothing in a way that left me conflicted. But my conflictions subsided with his excellent

one-liner, “I’d prolly be dead if I was basic.”

The softer, more vulnerable track, “Let Me Know” addresses conflicts in the world from Faiyaz’s  perspective and his personal struggles of love. “Why do we hurt one another/Fight our brother, kill, and rape/Love can trump it all.” He never explicitly stated in the song why these terrible things occur, but he cued that

self-love is necessary to change the world. 

The next short and repetitive track is “Soon Az I Get Home (Interlude).” 

The second single “Rehab (Winter In Paris)” is a more relationship-driven track where Faiyaz has graced us with bare vocals. With the opening line, he shares an awareness that he can have any woman he wants, but it’s not enough, “I got too many hoes, but they ain’t you.” This contrast pulled me in as a listener. Although he loves this woman, there seems to be mistrust in the relationship because she would rather have drugs than him. 

Another one of my favorites is “Bluffin.” In this generation, a common issue in relationships is the lack of communication. If we are mad, we are quick to ignore one another. We think that leaving a message left on “open” is a message all in itself. So, one party is upset, and the other is guessing how the other is feeling. This track takes us through Faiyaz’s journey of deciphering how his partner is feeling, a journey many of us know all too well. 

The most energetic track is “Lost Kids Get Money.” It is another money-driven song, but it reflects the importance of community and friendship. As Faiyaz reaches success, he doesn’t leave his support system behind, “All my bros collect/all my bros is next.”

The final track “Make it out” ends the album on an upbeat note where he reflects on his struggles, but knows that he can pick himself up from here.

The album maintained an authenticity throughout that stayed true to Faiyaz’s coldhearted player personality, but shared few glimpses of his softer side and worldly concerns. The album title portrays a sense of creative and personal freedom. Despite the world’s conceptions of a

genre-specific music industry, Faiyaz is going to make his music how he wants it to be.

“F*** the World” is now streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and all other music platforms.

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