As my time as a college student gets closer to coming to an end, the thoughts of what I’ll be doing post-college have begun to take over almost every thought in my head, subsequently causing more anxiety to flood my mind because, well, I still have no idea what I want to do with my life. I’ve finally come to the realization recently that in actuality, it doesn’t even matter.


Maybe it’s just the stories I heard or the people I hung around with before college, but coming into UCA I just assumed that most people knew what they wanted to do for their careers and that their degree would directly influence that. 


While some of that is true to an extent, life is way more fluid and everchanging than a career or emphasis on a piece of paper. I used to want to be a video editor after enjoying being part of the news team at my local high school, but once I realized I didn’t want to pursue that for a career, I moved on to marketing, then it was reporting, then it was music and the list goes on and on.


According to Career Advice Online, the average person will change careers 5 to 7 times in their lifetime with 30% changing careers or jobs every 12 months. I would have never assumed either of those things before knowing the stats, but it makes sense. 


Nothing in life is constant so why would my career somehow defy those odds?  There is no rulebook for life so why would there be one for careers? There is no deadline for when to get your life in order other than the ones that society and our minds put on us. 


I think a lot of people my age are somewhat puzzled when we see someone older in one of our classes, but only because we assume that they should already have their life in order by then which isn’t true. 


Honestly, I think I respect anyone who does choose to attend college later in life a little more now because they’re still working towards their career choice no matter their age.


Even though I’m not entirely certain what I want my career to be, I can say that I have learned during my time in college that I enjoy being able to express myself in my writing and pushing myself out of my comfort zone by being a reporter on a weekly basis which is actually kind of fun. With a journalism degree close to being mine and a family who would offer me a career in business if I wanted it, I’m in a much better place mentally knowing that I’ll have options.


Life goes by way too fast for us to sit around stressing over decisions that don’t have to be made at this very moment and while it would be impossible for me to not continue to ponder my future life choices occasionally, I can rest easy knowing that change is normal and nothing is truly forever so learn to appreciate the now and just go with it.


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