As the holidays are approaching so is the mental exhaustion of having to keep up with family members who have falsely given themselves the privilege to assume that they know best and can dictate how your life plays out beyond college.

For some, Thanksgiving break might be the motivation that students need to get through finals and make it back home for winter break. For the majority however, many students actually dread the idea of having to be surrounded by their self-entitled elders who all ask similar questions regarding the college experience.

At some point during these holiday gatherings, the college student is destined to become the center of attention.

Individuals often find themselves pushed into a corner where they are forced to feel like they should have their lives all figured out and somehow know what the future holds for them. 

Not only do individuals get attacked for having holes in their jeans, but they also get belittled when their major “is not good enough.” Somehow it got distorted along the way where if the focus of study is not in the medical field, health science or something to do with engineering, it will get you nowhere in life. 

On top of that, they stereotype and suggest that all college students do is party and look for their next shag. At no point do they take into consideration the amount of studying, all-nighters, Ramen noodles and stress that students go through to try to meet the expectations of those back home.

The worst one by far is when parents bring up how their kids do not visit home often. We are accused of avoiding home and of trying to escape our past.

Somewhere in between all of this politics gets thrown into the mix. We hear how our generation is the reason for the destruction taking place in the world. 

What is mindblowing about all of this is the fact that these people believe that they are genuinely helping when they throw out such “advice.”

What they fail to realize is that sometimes all we college students need to hear is that someone is proud of us. That someone acknowledges the hardships and the physical and emotional toll that the demands of college bring.

The holidays are what is supposed to bring families together, not divide them.

So let us enjoy the path we have chosen for ourselves. Let us express to you the excitement and motivation we have to take on our academic interest without throwing financial instability in our faces.

Cook us a home cooked meal and throw away the stereotype that contradicts your description of the person you have raised.

Instead of assuming that we are running away from ourselves, ask the question of why we were unable to make it home for that time period.

Welcome us home without any passive aggressive comments and leave politics at the door.

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