As I type this on the day that it is due, I think I know a thing or two about the art of procrastination. Even the finest of students fall short sometimes when it comes to due dates. Some like to try to justify their reasoning, saying that ‘they work better under pressure.’ We all know that isn’t true though. When it comes to procrastination, no one chooses to wait until the last minute. No one wants to spit out an essay at the last minute, or take a test or quiz at the last second. Yet, as students we often find ourselves doing this more times than we can count. Why is this?

We get busy. That’s one of the obvious answers. We have jobs, other classes, and god forbid- a social life. It gets hard to balance all three. And if we want to take the time to talk to family, to maybe go to the gym, or enjoy the simple things in life like resting, I believe we should have that luxury. This is why procrastination is sometimes necessary. Although education is a top priority of mine, it is not the most important. 

The most important priority of mine would be family. Followed by my internal peace. This second one is conflicting with my class work because the two go hand in hand. When I feel productive, I am at peace. However, sometimes I have to find time to rest and to, for lack of a better word, chill. Setting aside time for relaxation is what allows me to unlock more of my inner peace. So in a way, procrastination results in inner peace.

This is the art of procrastination. Although we may not mean to, we set aside our class work for things that at the time seem more important to us. In the long run, these things may not be as crucial as our homework. However, it’s not always that easy to think of things in terms of the long run. I often try to think of the bigger picture. To think of what will truly benefit my well being. Being a journalist and writing essays is genuinely what I enjoy. I believe that it is my calling. So when taking this into consideration, little things like this article I’m typing right now, as well as my Spanish homework and Publication and Design quizzes- they are all pieces to the bigger picture.

However, so is taking the time to get to know myself. The pieces that I write are better and better the more that I know about the subject I am writing about. And in every single piece that I write- a part of that subject is me. Even in my academic essays, I can still see a piece of who I am in those writings. So the more I get to know myself the better my writing is. Procrastination helps get me there. 

I know it sounds silly, but it is true. Sometimes life gets busy and I have to put assignments off for other assignments. Other times, I have to put assignments off just for some down time. Time to get to know myself. I’d rather take the time I need to fully feel ready for an essay and turn in something that I am truly proud of, rather than turn in an essay that was rushed to meet a deadline. This is why procrastination truly is key.

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