Week of Kindness is a week-long event put on by Tri Sigma with the intention of fostering kind and happy attitudes throughout UCA’s campus and the community of Conway. 

Tri Sigma started doing Week of Kindness to encourage students at UCA to keep pushing through the spring semester. 

Kaitlyn Gordon, the Week of Kindness chair for Tri Sigma, spoke about the impact that Week of Kindness was intending to have on the community. 

“We are intending to take this week and turn it into a way to help our local community, including the community we hold off campus. The pandemic has brought about a feeling of helplessness for a lot of people, and we want to replace that, even if just for a little while, with a week full of ways for students to feel like they’re contributing, making a difference, and being seen. We want everyone on campus and in Conway to know and see how grateful we are to have them in our lives,” Gordon said. 

On Monday, Tri Sigma members passed out sticky notes with encouraging messages on them. 

“It was so nice to see kind messages posted all over campus. It really brightened up my week,” Freshman Isabelle Firth said. 

On Tuesday, members did a percentage event with The Fix in Conway. 

On Wednesday, members passed out Boxes of Sunshine to the Panhellenic Community. The boxes included a keychain from Tri Sigma and gifts from businesses in the community such as Bell Urban Farm, Julie’s Sweet Shoppe, Myers Mercantile, and Buff City Soap. 

On Thursday, members put meter change on all of the parking meters on campus. 

On Friday, Tri Sigma had an instagram live yoga session hosted by Go Inside Yoga in Conway. 

Tri Sigma also had a table event outside of the Student Center on Friday where they took orders for dog bandanas and donations of dog food or money. 

All of the orders and donations were sent to Angels Heart Puppy Rescue in Conway. 

The biggest donor of dog food or money received a prize basket which included gifts such as a gift card from Stoby’s, a gift card from Angel’s Boutique, merchandise from Rock City Outfitters, a shirt from Angels Heart Puppy Rescue, a jar of honey and a vinyl sticker from Bell Urban Farm, cookies from Julie’s Sweet Shoppe, keychains from Tri Sigma, a wooden heart puzzle from Myers Mercantile, and soap samples from Buff City Soap. 

“This is our way to give back to the community we mean to serve and help,” Gordon said. 

Tri Sigma annually hosts Week of Kindness, but was not able to put on the event last spring due to Covid-19.


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