Taylor Cohen recently started her position as the global creative strategist for the social media platform Tiktok and she is already ramping up for new projects with the company, saying, “We say here at Tiktok ‘always day one’ and believe me it is always day one here.”

While speaking to a UCA PR class in a Zoom call on Friday, September 4, Cohen explained that Tiktok has two creative strategist teams, with one being in the United States and the other covering the rest of the globe, which she is in charge of. 

“It means waking up at 5 a.m. to talk to China, which isn’t the best part of my job, but it’s still fun,” Cohen said. “Day to day has been a big change because prior I had been working across all kinds of different clients, but now, I am my client. My job, in simple terms, is branding Tiktok as a brand and making sure that creators, executives and day to day users are being given all the right information about the platform.”

Although her job may benefit from the lack of privacy of some people, Cohen made it clear that privacy is something that she has always taken seriously and wishes people were more informed on the matter.

“People don’t realize how much of their information is already out there...I want Google and Amazon and Facebook to take as much information as they want from me because it makes my [online] experience better,” Cohen said. 

Cohen does understand why people would be concerned about what they hear online since most people don’t work in her industry and aren’t having conversations about online privacy as frequently. She wants people to ultimately not be scared of the word “privacy”. 

“I think it’s like your own personal privacy...you are still in control of that like from a person who is an active user on social media, you do control that...It all comes down to what you are searching and what you are putting out there into the world,” Cohen said. “Terms and conditions are something we should be reading when signing up for any platform and that’s what I mean when I say you have control, so once you opt-in, you have lost your control of that.”

Once you have opted in and created an account on any social media, they will control how you use the platform and what you are searching/spending your time on while using the platform.

Cohen wants to shift the negative feelings surrounding the collection of user data, saying, “the ways in which they are collecting information is not as scary as the headlines make it seem. They [social media platforms] are just trying to make the experience better for you.”

Cohen hopes that the public can start a conversation about their online privacy and what they can do to better their experience, but also allowing their information to be used to help better the online experience for everyone.

Before working at Tiktok, Cohen worked at DDB Worldwide as a senior social strategist, working with brands such as Kroger and Capital One, and she also founded her own online marketing business.

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