Many students come and go through UCA. Some graduate with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, or some transfer out. Some get involved in many campus organizations and activities, while some do not. Although, senior Alise Holloway is no exception to being a bigger part of UCA.

Holloway, 21, was born and raised in Conway, so, when choosing a university coming out of Conway High School, UCA was almost a no-brainer. However, what attracted her to UCA besides its location was their diverse student body.

“I knew here at UCA there would be many students who looked like me and many opportunities to grow professionally,” Holloway said. 

She was also in the high school band and joined the UCA Marching Band her freshman year. This helped ease any anxieties she had about transitioning to a big university, as many of her high school classmates were in the band with her.

Holloway did not hesitate over getting involved with campus organizations as she joined them her freshman year. Band was the first major one as it took up much time. “It definitely required a large time commitment, but it taught me a lot like time management, discipline and teamwork,” she said.

Later on, Holloway joined the UCA pep-band called ‘Purple Rage’  as well as the pre-med club. Now in her senior year, she is much more involved in organizations like the National Student Speech, Language, and Hearing Association (NSSLHA), Minority Mentorship Program, Women of Excellence, Psi Chi, and President’s Leadership Fellows.

Having an idea of what she wanted her future career to look like, Holloway did not quite know which occupation best fit her interests. She began majoring in pre-med before switching to a double major of communication sciences & disorders (CSD) and psychology.

A speech pathologist when she was a child helped cement the desire to work in the field of CSD as well as working with people. Holloway, as someone who is planning to pursue  a clinical doctorate in audiology upon graduation, sees an otolaryngologist and audiologist regularly. Upon graduation, she plans to pursue  clinical doctorate in audiology. What attracts her to audiology is its “unique innovation, technology, and patient-clinician relationship.”

After changing her major and entering the psychology and CSD departments, Holloway has had many good experiences, such as a summer where she took a psychology of women course and connected with others over many female topics.

“I learned something new every day in that class,” she said. “Perhaps the best part about the class was how well we all connected with each other. It was also interesting to take that class with men and witness their learning.”

Besides enjoying her majors, Holloway has found many other things to enjoy about UCA. “One thing I appreciate about UCA is the amount of resources they offer outside of academics. I am constantly learning about new services the university offers from free bike repairs to meditation rooms in Old Main,” she said.

Off-campus, Holloway does many group activities, as she loves being with her friends, such as roller skating, dancing and karaoke nights. She was even fortunate enough to live with her best friends during her sophomore year. “Everyday felt like a sleepover. We always attended UCA events together like the Miguel concert and homecoming events,” Holloway said.

Preparing for her graduation from the university, Holloway looks back on her time at UCA and is very thankful. While she will miss the campus and faculty members, she feels prepared to move on to the next chapter of her life. “UCA provided me with the perfect environment to build my leadership skills, challenge my thoughts, and step outside of my comfort zone.” She said she will use every skill learned at her next school.


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