A meeting to describe the National Student Exchange of UCA was held on Tuesday, March 9. 

NSE gives students a chance to study at other universities and network with other students. Through the program, students can study in the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. 

Some people may think that Study Abroad and NSE are the same program, but there are differences. 

Education Abroad Director, Natalie Flemming said, “National Student Exchange offers students an opportunity to spend a semester earning credit at a partner university in the States or a U.S. territory such as Florida, Guam, or Mississippi. While Study Abroad offers many short term programs led by UCA faculty members in locations such as Rwanda, Italy and Costa Rica. Also, students can study for a semester to partner universities in Asia, Africa, Europe as well as North and South America. Students can attend a foreign university and experience high impact learning by being immersed in culture, language, and customs outside the U.S. However both programs share the opportunity for students to get outside their comfort zone, take classes they may not have access to at UCA, while using most scholarships and aid to help finance the experience.” 

Taylor Lenze is the Education Abroad and National Student Exchange Advisor. Lenze was in charge of the meeting. 

She said, “one thing I really like about NSE is that it’s affordable and accessible. You don’t have to cross international borders unless you’re going to Canada. There’s a lot of opportunities for you to drive instead of fly to your destination. The affordability part is brilliant because there are two different ways you can pay for NSE. One way is that you pay in state tuition at the host campus. The other way is you pay UCA tuition. The cool thing is UCA students get to decide which one they want to do.” The student can use their UCA scholarships and financial aid to help pay for tuition. 

Lenze said if there’s a class you want to take but it isn’t offered at UCA, there are over 170 universities included in this program. There are historically black colleges and universities, small campuses, large campuses, colleges in the city, and etc.

“In general, NSE just kind of broadens your educational perspective, you can preserve research field study and internships, and you can investigate graduate schools” Lenze said. 

Lenze said this is a good way for people to connect to job markets if they’re planning on moving out of state after graduation. “It also diversifies your resume, so students will have UCA plus the classes transferred over from the other school.”

The general requirements for NSE are a minimum 2.5 GPA, completion of at least one term full-time attendance at UCA prior to submitting an application, completion of at least one academic year at UCA prior to exchange, full-time enrollment, must be in good standing at home campus, and a $150 non-refundable application fee.


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