UCA’s Feminist Union hosted a screening of “Knock Down the House” in commemoration of the end of Women’s History Month.

“Knock Down the House” is a 2019 documentary, released Jan. 27 on Netflix. The film follows four women on their own pursuits to run for Congress. The women featured are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Amy Vilela of Nevada, Cori Bush of Missouri and Paula Jean Swearengin of West Virginia. 

“The Feminist Union wanted to wrap up Women's History Month by showing something that would be both inspiring about the strides that women are still making, but also show places that the movement still needs to go.” Kilee Webb, President of UCA’s Feminist Union said. “There are still so many tables where major decisions are made that everyone is not represented at, especially in government.”

Webb said one quote featured in the film by Ocasio-Cortez: “For one of us to make it through, 100 of us have to try” really encompasses the motive of the Feminist Union. 

Though the screening of the film was originally set to occur in the courtyard of Short and Denney, Feminist Union opted to move the screening to be fully online. An in-person screening was still available inside the lobby of Short and Denney. 

Carl Olds, Academic Advisor for The Stars at Short and Denney, was in attendance for the in person screening. “Women make up half of the country so little of the people who actually make the decisions.” Olds said. “How often do we see rooms full of men making decisions that affect all of our lives without the input of our mothers, sisters and the women around us?”

Olds said that so many women have had an influence on him, especially those he works with at UCA. 

“There are so many wonderful women on this campus in positions of authority that are working everyday to positively impact the students on this campus,” Olds said. “The women I work with, the women I’ve worked for, and the women that I serve on committees with and faculty senate with.”

Webb also expressed appreciation for women in her life, citing her mother and former Feminist Union president, Bri Vongvilay, as being two of her greatest inspirations. 

“It’s a little cliche, but my mom is one of my biggest motivators. She was a single mom for the first part of my life and she worked so hard to give me a good life. She always pushed me to set my goals high, do my best, and never give up.” Webb said. “Our former president, Bri Vongvilay, is a really big influence on me as well. I joined Fem U as a freshman and we became good friends. She helped me feel more comfortable in my beliefs, and in teaching me how to channel all the conviction I was feeling.”

While Women’s History Month has come to a close, UCA’s Feminist Union plans to host more events throughout the remainder of the spring semester. To keep up with their future endeavors, you can check them out on CubConnect or follow them on instagram: @ucafemunion.


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