Jasmine Ellis, comedian, and podcaster discussed the trials of living in Los Angeles, ex-boyfriend drama, and the generational gap between millennials and gen-z during a comedy show put on by the Student Activities Board.

Ellis is a successful comedian with a special on Dry Bar Comedy, hosts the “Rhythm and Baes” podcast, and has one comedy album her belt, hilariously named “Trash Baby.”

During her Friday night set, Ellis began by introducing herself as a native Texan and noted that now that she’s living in Los Angeles, some things are different. 

“In LA, landlords don’t have to give you a fridge. If you have a fridge in LA you’re rich! I wish someone had told me I was rich in Texas before I was broke in LA,” said Ellis, met with laughter from the audience. 

The show, although it was over zoom, was still just as lively. A group of roommates sat together on one screen, and smiling emoticons popped up in the chat when Ellis landed a punchline. It was different but still worked. 

Ellis commented on this new work from home era by saying she has heard all her life that as an extrovert, she gets the upper hand in workplaces and school. But now, with the pandemic, “The introverts have won.” 

Working from home also gave Ellis other troubles. She is newly married and explained she married her husband on the grounds he would leave for work 9 hours a day, not so she would spend every waking moment with him.

“You find the one, and they are the one, but for two hours a day they are your mortal enemy,” said Ellis after describing how her husband taps pens and hums while he works. 

LA life is notably different according to Ellis, who did not want to feed into the stereotypes about Los Angelans, but said some of the stereotypes were true. She even noted that she almost lived to New York and gave an explanation of the different types of folks in the cities. 

“People from LA are nice but not good, and people from New York are good but not nice,” said Ellis.

She spent a large portion of her set describing life in LA in comedic detail. The walls of her self-proclaimed “tiny apartment” are thin and she has a family for neighbors. The family includes a young boy, Anthony, who according to Ellis, is often late for zoom classes. 

Ellis explained that she feels very involved in her neighbor’s lives because, “the walls are thin and I have nothing to do.”

Eventually, Ellis tackled TikTok and the trend of millennials reacting to gen-z’s newest trends. Specifically, Ellis said she is on “millennial TikTok” where women her age are realizing that gen-z has deemed skinny jeans and side-parts uncool.

Speaking directly to the audience, compromised of a handful of gen-z, Ellis said, “Y’all can’t get me...y’all cant jump through this screen and make me wear a middle part.”

A member of the audience, in reaction to this, said, “wait, are middle parts really uncool?”

After experiencing some technical difficulties, Ellis wrapped up her set with a Q&A where she shared that her personal favorite comedian was Wanda Sykes and that even she still sometimes gets nervous on stage. 

Ellis’s comedy special is available on Dry Bar Comedy’s youtube channel. Her Instagram, @JasmineEllisComedy links to all of her platforms and podcast appearances.


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