The Bear Den hosted a bonfire on Nov. 6 where students were able to win prizes, play games and enjoy snacks.

“This is the second time we have held the Bonfire on campus. Last year we did it in February, and it went well,” Bear Den president, Kathryn Walden said. “We definitely saw growth between last year and this with attendance and involvement with the students.”

The event began at 7 p.m and lasted until 10 p.m. After arriving, students were able to sit around the fire and talk with others. Games were also available, with hula hoops, cornhole and Jenga. Hot food and drink was also available during the night. Bear Den members established tables that offered chips and queso and hot dogs. Water was also available, though the hot chocolate proved to be a crowd favorite. “This is my first bear den event, but I attend most of the SAB stuff on campus which is really fun” said Kara O’Donnal as they ate chips and queso “I always like the campus stuff.”

As the night continued, the opportunity to win prizes was announced. Prizes included goodie bags of assorted items and Visa giftcards with amounts ranging anywhere between 20-500 dollars. Students were able to win these prizes by naming the title and artist of early 2000’s songs, finishing the lyrics of summer jams, and even doing the dances that went with popular Tik-Tok songs. “

Last year I won a TV and airpods at a different event, and this year I won a PS4 from the Bang Bang Bingo event.” O’Donnal went on to win a goodie bag after dancing it out to one of the last Tik-Tok songs of the night.

“This year has been weird. I think the fact that people were cooped up for so long makes them want to get out and have fun. We try to be that fun environment they are looking for!” said Walden in regards to the year's events.

“It has been difficult with planning around COVID because we usually do group activities.” Walden continued, “We have been working super hard to take those extra precautions in advance to stay ahead of any mishap that may happen. Some of those precautions are handing out individual hand sanitizers and the UCA bammies to students as they come to events as well as sanitizing stations that we encourage students to sanitize before and after touching common objects.” Bear Den organizers also made sure that students kept their masks on and refrained from letting students get food without the assistance of a Bear Den member. Hot chocolate stations were also frequently sanitized.

“The Bear Den is the spirit section on campus. We go to every sporting event possible. We also do events like the bonfire around campus to get those who may not enjoy sports that much involved in other ways.” explained Walden, “Our main goal is to get students out on campus, get them engaged, and generally let them have a good time!”

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